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British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow,
University of Cambridge

See my write-up of a practice-based codicology experiment for ‘Manuscripts Lab’ at Cambridge: ‘Experimenting with the Touch of Medieval Books’

I have written blog posts for The Values of French

‘Introducing Alexander

‘Fit for a king? Aligning Chantilly, Bibliothèque du château, 726’

‘Is the Histoire ancienne geography?’

‘The toga and the question of anachronism’

I have also co-authored a blog post for the British Library (with Melek Karataş and Matt Lampitt):

‘A literary giant’

This post was a part of our curation of a display case in the British Library's Treasures Gallery (BL Add 15268 and BL Royal 20 D 1).

I have appeared in a video about The Values of French (9:52–12:02):

BL Treasures Gallery.JPG
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